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Rainscape Sprinkler Systems carries the following brands of products. For more information on these brands, please click on the links below.

Controllers: These Hunter® controllers both have user-friendly programming with well delays.
  • Pro-C: Used for most residential and light commercial systems; expandable to 15 zones.
  • ICC: Used for larger residential and commercial systems; expandable to 32 or 48 zones.
  • Hunter® PGV: High-grade PVC prevents deterioration. Efficient jar-top design for ease of maintenance.
Rotors: These Hunter® rotary heads demonstrate performance and reliability. Both are adjustable up to 360° and are available in 4" and 12" sizes.
  • I-20: Pop-up head with FloStop® capability (heads may be shut off independently of zone).
  • PGP®: Pop-up head: ideal solution for low-pressure situations
  • Hunter® Pro-Spray®: pop-up spray head available in both 4" (designed for smaller turf areas) and 12" (designed for bed applications).
Drip Irrigation: 
  • Netafim™: Commercial grade soaker hose designed specifically for automatic irrigation system. Easily expandable and can be buried beneath topsoil and mulch.
Rain Sensors: These Hunter® rain sensors are both adjustable from 1/8" to 1".
  • MiniClik®: hard-wired sensor.
  • RainClik®: wireless sensor with greater adaptability.
Backflow Preventers: Different types of both WATTS® & Febco® brand backflows are used for different applications and according to your local code. All-bronze body for durability with no plastic parts that could be broken down by ultraviolet light.
  • PVB
  • RPZ
  • Double Check
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